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Strongbeads, artisan made jewelry, works with collectible glass beads, natural sustainable materials and real bronze, silver and gold. We work mindfullyjoyfully and with patience which reflects the quality of our creations. We also have a deep respect for the environment, for people and the natural world.

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People have been using beads for thousands of years for prayer, trading, to communicate status and to cement political alliances. Beads speak their own language.
Beads are joyful with good energies. They remember the eye of our mother. First thing we see when we get born. Psychologist explain this way the joy of beads.
Find your joy in our beads!

Our beads are like a backbone in your wardrobe

behind the scenes

Since the dawn of time, among all cultures and across all continents, women and men have adorned their bodies with beads.

Many scholars believe that it was the trading of beads that led to the advent of language. Used for currency or for prayer, to show status or to show love, from one hand to another, this ancient tradition has continued to this day.

At Strongbeads we aim to honour that tradition.

Our journey begins by travelling and curating a collection of unique and extraordinary beads. Each creation is patiently knotted by hand, taking great care over the choice of beads, the arrangement and balance of each composition.

an infinite tradition