Strongbeads jewels become like a good pair of jeans. They go with everything.

Who is wearing Strongbeads? All generations, all nationalities on the different continents. Most of us wear beads in our lifetime, we all love these little orbs.
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history & stories

Spanning thousands of miles and many years, this eclectic mix of stone, bone, horn, shell and glass has lots to share. The history and stories tied up in these strands could fill a book, yet there it sits … timeless and ready for more adventures.
Old world beads, ancient mysteries and a colourful display of a live well lived.

bead culture

Beads tell silent yet vital stories about their makers, traders and owners. We refer to Bead Culture: they first appeared
forty thousand years ago and ever since, they have been made and used by virtually every culture worldwide.
By wearing their own unique beads, their owners express their inner selves.

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bead language

Beads have a place in almost every area of human life. They help express religious beliefs, political history and social circumstances.  People have been using beads for thousands of  years for prayer, trading, to communicate status and to cement political alliances. Beads speak their own language.