product care & sustainability

Strongbeads products are all artisan made and based on natural materials, like glass beads, shell, wood, bronze, silver and gold.
We string our beads on pure cotton threads, that will stretch slightly while wearing. The wax coating will dissolve gradually.

At Strongbeads we strive to maintain harmony throughout all aspects of our work. Adhering to the fair trade principle, you can be sure that every piece is created ethically, naturally and with sustainability in mind.
All of our packaging is from recycled materials.

mission & vision

Our journey at Strongbeads connects the past, present and future in a beautiful and evolving timeline. We work with our hands and our hearts, keeping the ancient practice of beading alive and meaningful.
The women working with us, our Bead Tribe, have become our family. They share a strong sense of growth and empowerment, having achieved financial independence through their skilled hands and their passion.

Beads are universal. They contain history and stories that connect us across the world. Our experience of working with beads is both meditative and calming. It allows us to feel this connection, and to harness the infinite.

an infinite tradition

Please have a glance at the Strongbeads magazine for detailed information about our company, vision and inspiration.