Chili pepper red keycord


Chili pepper red keycord with very attractive to touch, beads. This keychain is made with fascinating pieces of glass, called red ‘white hearts’, they have a milky white inner center. This practical chain can be worn around the neck, the shoulder, your wrist or on a bag strap and is convenient to carry keys. Can also be used for face masks, small electronic devices and identification cards.

  • the bead diameter is around 3 mm; ethnic beads with small differences in measurement
  • the lobster clasp is made of bronze; decorations or keys can be adjusted to the ring or the clasp
  • handknotted with 100% strong waxed cotton thread; any waxy deposits will disappear quickly
  • all beads have slightly different sizes and textures, this irregularity is the nature of Strongbeads product and is not to be considered as a default