Short indigo eyeglasses chain


Short indigo eyeglasses chain; always your eyeglasses by hand with these unique chains. A practical adornment with a majestic appearance. Strongbeads makes these chains in three different lengths: short, medium and long. Have a close look at the details.

  • this is a short chain; the length is 66 cm
  • with handmade bronze tube detail on the loop
  • the middle part of the chain is beaded with indigo glass beads, the sides with ginger colour faceted glass beads
  • these stunning indigo collectible glass beads find their origin in Nagaland. We have selected beads from different old strings by size, shape and colour
  • all the beads have slightly different sizes and textures, this irregularity is the nature of Strongbeads product and is not to be considered as a default
  • handknotted with 100% strong waxed cotton thread; any waxy deposits will disappear quickly

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