Short Talisman goathorn necklace – Strength, power & supremacy …


A short talisman goathorn necklace with tiny little 14 karat golden and silver bead details. The pendant is made from a goathorn, this horn is used in various cultures for different reasons. Mostly to ward off the ‘evil eye’. Inside the horn are three little protection beads.

  • a one of a kind jewel
  • the center piece is hanging 30 cm measured from the middle of the neck down
  • Afghanistan jade beads are used for the neck-part, an amazing dark green
  • the pendant is made from goat horn, sheep bones, recycled glass beads
  • there are coconut beads on the strings as well as black horn beads
  • the details have silver & 14 karat golden beads
  • handknotted with 100% strong waxed cotton thread; any waxy deposits will disappear quickly

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