Yellow necklace with tiger amulet


Yellow bead necklace with tiger amulet. The colour yellow like gold, a lemon or the sun. The colour bright yellow is the happiest colour. It stands for positivity, clarity, energy, honor, enlightenment, intellect and joy. It increases mental activity, encourages communication and stimulates the nervous system.
The tiger amulet stands for strength, power, courage and ambition.

  • the length of this jewel is 85 cm round
  • drop us a line if you would like this chain in a different length
  • bronze tiger, talisman, gold dipped
  • vintage tube glass bead 1.5 – 2 cm
  • handknotted with 100% strong waxed cotton thread; any waxy deposits will disappear quickly
  • all beads have different sizes and textures, this irregularity is the nature of Strongbeads product and is not a default

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